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We Make and Install Custom Security Products

Property Crime has always been a problem and unfortunately, it will continue to be. Throughout the years of 2013 and 2017 property crime has decreased by a small percentage but it is still very much present. Thieves will take the opportunity once they see it, leaving homeowners and business owners vulnerable.

At Cage Man Security Products we have found a solution to this problem. The best thing that can be done to prevent any or further damage is to protect your home or business with our security products. Let us help you in securing your piece of mind at home or place of work. We fabricate custom made products that will leave you feeling guarded and safe.

Our security products include AC security cages, security doors, burglar bars, utility cages and other custom solutions for commercial properties.

AC Cages

What We Do

AC Cages

Protect your AC system from copper theft and storm damage.  Made in the US.



Burglar bars and security doors to protect your loved ones and your home.



Custom solutions for your new construction or existing buildings.


AC Cages, Security Doors, Burglar Bars, Utility Cages

Customized as needed for your home or business